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We are a floor screeding service; using pumpable floor screed products. 

Our Values

We provide our customers with a fast, efficient and precise service, producing work to the highest standard, that exceeds clients expectations.

Quality ensured.

We lay state-of-the-art screeding products that represents our professional understanding of screeding within the industry, this provides performance and design flexibility. 

Whatever the job, our team can provide the best advice and quote, to ensure a finish that you can be proud of. Our company thrives off word of mouth advertising so we guarantee to leave our customers satisfied.

Speed of Application
  • 1500m sq+/day
Pump Placement
  • 100m vertical and 180m along the floor, no risk of barrow damage to door frames, or underfloor heating pipes etc.
Accuracy of placement and surface finish
  • (Laser levelled) Easily achieves SR2underBS8204. Ideal for underfloor heating.
Virtually no drying shrinkage
  • Therefore differential shrinkage leading to lifting and curling is absent.
Significant reduction in thickness
  • In most cases 35mm of Flo-Screed will replace 75mm pf conventional material.
Elimination or substantial reduction of movement joints.
Superior acoustic performance
Self compacting
No reinforcing needed
Environmentally friendly

Liquid Flow Screed offer a new approach to underfloor heating. We consider the screed to be the key factor in successful underfloor heating systems. After the initial enquiry, we monitor the entire project, from start to finish, to ensure it complies with our high working ethos. By combining site visits and advice on aftercare, including full technical information on sealers and floor finishes,  and  through continued communication with installers and the client, liquid flow screed is totally committed to you our valued customers.

Below we have listed just a few of the benefits of using under floor heating with liquid screed provided by LFS.

Benefits of underfloor heating installed with screed.
  • Produced to a controlled flowable consistency  to fully encompass heating pipes.
  • Elimination of voids resulting in uniform heat transfer and maximised thermal efficiency of the under floor heating system.
  • Reduced screed depth when compared to traditional sand cement screeds minimising heat storage, resulting in a floor which responds rapidly to user requirements.
  • Extremely low shrinkage – can not curl and minimises the risk or cracking.
  • Does not require reinforcement.
  • Heating systems can be commissioned in accordance with BS1264:2001-4 clause 4.4, 7 days after application of the screed.
  • Minimal thermal expansion (0.012mm/Mk)
  • Excellent thermal conductivity (2.2W/Mk)
  • Liquid Screed is the ideal floor screed to compliment under floor heating as it has a 30% increased thermal efficiency over traditional floor.

Flawless Finish & Functionality

Provide your client with a screeder who knows the trade.

We provide the best top quality screeding materials, to ensure customer satisfaction.


Our team has the experience that deliver jobs on schedule with the prompt and professional finish that the customer expects.


We also provide floor covering at affordable prices, as part of our service. Get in touch to find out more.


Our equipment ensures that the screeding and flooring we provide not only lasts, but is durable throughout it’s use.

New Generation,

Pumpable floor screeds.

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Liquid Flow Screed is a nationwide floor screeding service; using pumpable floor screed products. We provide our customers with a fast, efficient and precise service, producing work to the highest standard, that exceeds clients expectations.

We offer the complete package of all sectors within the building industry. From the Specification stage to the Installation stage; including technical information, site surveys and quotations, there is nothing we cant do. Having invested in the latest pumping equipment, we are confident in being able to place Liquid Screed in the most inaccessible areas.

New technology, better finish.

Liquid screeds are a new generation of screeding products, that present significant advantages over traditional sand and cement screeds.

Approved Screeders for the above

We also provide flooring at an affordable rate as part of our service. 

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